Is the pricing for tours per group or per person?
For our private tours, the prices listed are the total cost for the group, not the individuals of that group. For our public group tours, the price is per guest.

What are the prices for your sightseeing services?
You will receive an exact price offer from our staff. Generally, rates depend on the duration, group size and language required.

What if I am not sure about how many guests I will have?
Santorini tour group sizes are notoriously unstable. We are happy to work with you as best we can to establish a range of likely attendees and price the tour with that range in mind.

 If my plans change may I change my reservation?
If you want to change your tour or tour date you can do so up to 48 hours prior to the trip by sending an e-mail or calling us. We are happy to work with you as best we can to establish a range of likely attendees and price the tour with that range in mind.

Is there a charge for changing a reservation?
No, there is no charge for changing a reservation.

Where do the tours start from?
Your personal tour guide will pick you up for free from your hotel, airport or port or everywhere in Santorini.

How long is the tour?
The tour typically takes 4-5 hours, but since all our tours are private, there are no up or down limits.

Are your vehicles air-conditioned?
Yes, all of our vehicles are air-conditioned.

Is there a lot of walking?
No, we do a lot of stops for picture taking to give you the opportunity to experience Santorini. All of the stops on our Sightseeing Tours are just a few yards from the vehicles and therefore you do not need to walk far. If you prefer to stay on the bus, you can take pictures from your seat.

Do we stop for lunch on the Tour?
Yes! In Santorini with so much great food, it would be crazy not to. Some people like to grab a quick pizza or a hot dog, and some people like to sit down for a nice relaxing meal in Restaurant or Traditional Taverna. Either is an option, but just know that if we sit down for a relaxing meal we might have to move faster to get the rest of the sights.

Do you have bathroom stops?
Yes, we have scheduled bathroom stops along the routes. Should you required additional stops please let your tour guide know at the beginning of the tour and we will be more than happy to accommodate your request.

What is the difference between your private suggested tours and a group motor coach tour?
The personal tours offer you the luxury and comfort of designing your trip, with the guidance of one of our expert tour designers, in accordance with your wishes, time frame, budgetary concerns and flexibility in structure. Most importantly, your itinerary will be organized for your own private party of family and friends.

Is it okay to tip your tour guide?
Tipping is always optional, and if it means you are not going to be able to feed your children tonight, then please save your money. But if you have a great time and want to thank your tour guide, gratuities are very much appreciated.

Will I be back in time before my ship departs the port?
Yes. Our shore excursions depart from Santorini port and return well before sailing. In 10 years of operations, no Santorini’s Shore Excursion has ever missed a port departure. However, if it were to occur due to an unforeseeable circumstance, our Company guarantees fare to your next port of call.

Will you refund my money if I miss my tour because the ship is late or cannot make it into port?
Yes. You will receive a full refund for your tour if you cannot make a tour departure due to a ship delay or a missed port call. You will of course also receive a full refund if weather or an equipment problem prevents the tour operator from delivering the tour. Simply let us know within two weeks of the date of the tour, and we will issue a full refund.

Does the tour package include airfare?
Our tours usually start and end at the hotel, port or airport. Airfare varies substantially depending on when you travel and where you come from. You and your travel agent will get your best airfare. You probably have a preferred airline for your frequent flyer miles too. If you would like help arranging your travel, we have an excellent travel agent to recommend. We also send you our ‘Travel Tips’ to help you plan your trip.

Am I expected to tip the Guide/Driver?
Extending a gratuity to your guide or driver is strictly optional but greatly appreciated by those guiding you through your tour.

How long does it take the guided tour provider to respond?
We respond to requests within 24 hours on working days.

How affordable are the tours?
Our Santorini tours are very affordable and our pricing can be tailored to your needs. Just ask us for a quotation.

What kind of weather to expect?
Santorini Island is a tourist paradise. The majority of the year, the weather is sunny, with clear skies. Thus, every day is a good day to visit Santorini for a memorable coach or sedan trip.

Do you mail me tickets?
No. We employ an easy-to-use ticketless reservation system. Your email confirmation is your tour ticket. Thus, there is no reason to deal with the hassles of tickets and mail.

Do all tours operate year round?
Yes, including Christmas, New Years and Easter.